About Me

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I started playing acoustic guitar regularly at age 16 , moved to electric at 17, stopped playing completely in 2000 for 12 years, and have only recently picked it up again.

I got interested in computer music in 1988, using an Atari ST 512k, midi software – whatever it was -;  a Roland D10 keyboard, a 4 track recorder, an Ibanez RG550 guitar, a Yamaha FX770, a Sessionette 75W amp, and a lot of patience!

I have some vids of me jamming to Eric Johnson, and Mr Big tracks in about 1997 on YouTube here, complete with lots of errors! haha!..some things never change…

Just for a larf I will post the first complete track I created – now an MP3 – I did back then…hmm..maybe not..
NO nasty comments please! – it got me a job in a recording studio in Hong Kong in 1992 – so there!


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