About Me

I’m an ex telecomms and IT tech – started as a BT Engineer in 1987.


I started playing acoustic guitar regularly at age 16 , moved to electric at 17, stopped playing completely in 2000 for 12 years, and in 2012 picked it up again til 2014 then gave up completely in disgust! Still can’t improvise for 2 bars without an error…

I got interested in computer music in 1988, using an Atari ST 1040k, midi software – whatever it was -;  a Roland D10 keyboard, a 4 track recorder, an Ibanez RG550 guitar, a Yamaha FX770, a Sessionette 75W amp, and a lot of patience!

I have some vids of me jamming to Eric Johnson, and Mr Big tracks in about 1997 on YouTube here, complete with lots of errors! haha!..some things never change…

Just for a larf I will post the first complete track I created – now an MP3 – I did back then…hmm..maybe not..
NO nasty comments please! – it got me a job in a recording studio in Hong Kong in 1992 – so there!


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