Acoustic Guitar with Vocals Mic Techniques

Acoustic Guitar with Vocals Mic Techniques

I missed this class today so I’m writing this from a friends notes, so hope I can decipher most of the info correctly…

For the guitar separation side of things it looks like two mics were used in a first example and 3 mics in the other, pretty much as in the straight Acoustic techniques post, but not using coincidental pairs – just one mic near the bridge (as the main sound comes from this part of the guitar), and one for the neck, with the addition of an extra Golden Age FC4 used to pic up the vocalist, set at their mouth height.

The neck mic can be near the 14th fret (warmer), or near the head stock (brighter). The two mics are panned hard left and right at the mixer for stereo effect.

So, in setup 1 – maximal – 3 mics:

Rode NT2a Cardiod at bridge 4″ distant

Golden Age FC4, 4″ distant from head stock, pointing back toward the sound hole

Rode NT2a Cardiod vocal mic at mouth height, as close as is comfortable.

Remember, as with all these techniques, nothing is set in stone, so experiment for yourself.

Setup 2 – minimal – 2 mics only

Golden Age FC4  used for vocals

Rode NT2a Cardiod at 14 fret, 4″ distant

Here is the first MP3 sung and played by one of the lads, but I cant tell you which of the two methods it was for sure, but guessing it was the first judging by the vocal volume on one of the guitar mics due to distance.


This is the flat levels mix with just the guitars panned full left and right only.

Im going to use the compressor on all 3 tracks to lift the volumes to line level, and put some reverb on vocals and maybe guitar, just for subtle embellishment.


Again, the magic of Reverb, just brings that mood to the fore, and creates an atmosphere.

As a tech note, these files were bounced from Logic 10 on the college Macs, as default .AIIF files which can be dragged straight into Fruity Loops sequencer, then a start note highlighted and sent to the Piano Roll for each track, to act as a trigger to play the wave file. You have to press start then stop with the Space bar else the 1 bar long note will repeat and start the same tracks over and over.

Again, check

for related topics.

Here’s the other method – which has 3 tracks also?! So, I guess they kept an ambient room mic also, that wasnt in the notes…

Just the flat mix unpanned, as with no stereo mics, the mix is lop-sided volume wise else, with nearly everything to the right…I dunno what the lads had done with the pan pots on the mixer for sure either while recording this…?