Beginner Keys Chord Inversion Exercises

I just came up with this exercise for myself to learn chord inversions after watching Warren’s new voicings video:

This puts the RH note orders as: 1-3-5; 3-5-1; 5-1-3. It should make arpeggios and solos easier later in life…You can add the 7th later or other notes as you like…

You can extend on this in many ways to make exercises more musical too, by repaeating the first inversion then coming down in reverse; also practice in the minor keys as in the video – those keys that would have been major or flat 5 – C,F,G and B-5, make minor with natural 5 so you play them all as minor key arpeggios:

You can go further again later by playing all 12 keys in both major and minor arpeggios.