Channel and FPC Samples Separation

            Channel and FPC Drum Separation

As the FPC Drum plugin is such a great device for instant drum patterns, I needed to know how to separate the individual drum samples from the single MIDI track they are available in, so they can be treated individually with EQ, FX etc.

With a default Template, drums are already separated by Channel – kick to FX channel 1, Clap to 2, etc:

Watching the pre FLS10 tutorial 4 by ste1438 here:

on Channel separation, got me wondering how this separation is achieved for MIDI loops .

There is a slight change in FLS10 from the sequencer Channel separation option in the video, as the “Patterns\Split by Channel ” option was in the drop menu of the Playlist Tool bar. This has moved to the Sequencer Pattern menu with a Lclick:

If you Paint this Pattern 1 into the Playlist window, you can Split by Channel as above to give each its own Track, each sample visible in the expanded Browser window:

Back in the Playlist, the painted Pattern1 has changed to just the kick drum, so you can now click the others (Hat or Snare) and Paint separately onto their own Tracks as you wish:


You can also get the Playlist Project Picker screen by Rclicking the Playlist Pattern drop menu:

So how do access the individual FPC Drums of a whole kit, that are all contained in one MIDI file? (See first FPC Post if you don’t know about this yet).

You can’t Split by Channel still, as there is only one Channel in the sequencer, but the FPC plugin allows you to send each Pad to a separate output, that routes to a mixer channel also, so you can treat them all separately too.

If I first delete all the previous sequencer Channels, I get back to a Pattern1 with just the Sampler in it, and the Patterns have gone from the Browser:

Load the FPC plugin by dragging it from the Browser onto the Sampler Channel – I Downloaded a Gretsch Drum kit a while back, which has 5 different kick options for Pad 2:

If you play each Pad you see that some are assigned to the same output number that relates to which mixer channel each sound plays through.

If you want to EQ each sound separately you can assign a mixer channel to each one by scrolling each Pad output number:

Now you can load a MIDI loop from the MIDI Loop folder Icon, above the Output menu bar:

Play the loop and solo each mixer channel as required (you can click the solo S button in FPC also, after clicking to select the pad first), then adding the Rack FX you want to that sound.

You could try stepping through the presets of the Fruity Compressor for different sounds for the kick drum, before using the Fruity Parametric EQ to fine tune it:


You can fine sculpt the EQ bands using the Rclick menus, and control buttons bottom right for each bandwidth – drop the dead areas to retain space for other sound – stay below Peak 0dB:


An important feature of drum controllers is being able to stop an open hat sound by playing the closed or pedal hat sound, as a real drummer would using the foot pedal, and this can be simulated to a degree by setting the ‘Cut 0″ and “Cut by 0” options. For example, use the Pedal hi hat to stop the open hi hat continuing to ring, when played after it.

Note the sequencer/Piano Roll cannot do this by default – FLS probably has another way to achieve it though?

This is already the default with my kit, where all the hats – open, closed and pedal – are set Cut 0 and Cut by 0, so any of them stops ringing as soon as any of the others is played.

This may be used as an effect maybe, to cut off a cymbal early say, with another pad sound – as real drummers also do, when they grab a Crash.

All my other pads are set (- – -) so they don’t cut off if others are played.


The image-line FPC intro videos are here:






Layer Randomization for realistic Hi Hat hits: