Diminished Madness – Just For Fun

Diminished Madness – Just For Fun

I was messing about with Garage version today, as you can have both the Copper and Silver Synths available in this version, so wondered if I could do a diminished thirds harmony scale run – same as one I practise occasionally on guitar, as it’s a fun mode to mess with, being completely symmetrical – but with the different sounds the synths have, playing together. This also reminded me to try to see if I can import the Copper synth into the HipHop3 version somehow for use there.

I dropped the BPM to 60 minimum for Garage (as usual for clarity to hear the notes), then visually worked out what notes, 3 semitones apart, with the right colours, need to be set for each scale, harmonised 3 semitones apart, for this descending pattern to work, which are:

It goes like this:


I think I’ve missed a note order or two, but what the…

Here it is at 120 BPM:


And for total madness – at 240 BPM max:


Even Steve Vai might find that tricky to keep up with…?

Hmm, sounds like challenge to someone now eh?

I’ll probably get lots of guitar egos sending their comments now – “yeah – I can play that fast with my toes mate – whilst asleep” etc…

Good for you, Old Bean!



This Post gave me the idea to do a chord/scale series using the synth, as a permanent record of some different scales and the notes comprising them, so as an addition to this – then I wont have to cover this scale again – I recorded some guitar practice exercise ideas people may find useful, to go on and develop your own. It also made me realise how out of practice I am on guitar , and that my timing sucks…it is so important to play to a keyboard/drum machine for that.

It is an important scale to learn, as it is a major “gateway” from blues to jazz (amongst other things) when played over the top of key changes say, the 5th Dominant 7 chord in a 12 bar blues for example.

Here is a REALLY quick and dirty example of this:


BTW – the distortion was added to a very weak clean sound via the guitar FX drop down menu.

Most importantly though, it is a really FUN scale to mess about with and invent your own symmetrical melodies, with the added benefit of getting your timing and alternate picking technique better, if you use it. I hope the example shows the “floating” semi-definable nature of this scale, as it covers 4 key centres in one scale, as 3 semitones divides into 12, 4 times, so it always “belongs” to any 4 keys at once.

I may cover how this scale was “discovered” in a new Chord/Scale series as I get round to it along with everything else I’ve stacked on my plate lately!


..incorporating Thumbelina and Crusty’s The Clown’s off day.