First Sequencer Exploration of the Kurzweil K2000 V3

After a couple of days listening to the patches on this thing I got to learning the sequencer today by doing the steps from the Musician’s Guide manual :-

a real insight into stepping back to 1990’s tech – and the reason PC software HAD to be developed because of the time it takes to get things done – by today’s workflow requirements for sure.

Not painless but not as bad as you may think as it’s very intuitive and economical with the switch functions – very clever!

I managed to knock up an idea I’m pleased with so far – and I can’t play keys remember – and really impressed with the default velocity sensitive slap bass sound particularly – a thumb whacker! About 12 hours work from scratch to get this 13 bar loop:

I really love this old beast already –  and relatively cheap on Ebay in my view, like a lot of older classic stuff now – DX7s, Korg M1s etc. – it’s given me a much needed hobby back as I have no guitar interest at all; learning to play keys finally with starting help from Julian Bradbury! A big ask at 53? probably…a whole diff set of motor skills to master:

He’s directly responsible for the latin piano from looking at his site 3 years back when I packed in guitar and music completely til now.

It seems fully functional so far – but it really needs serious cosmetic TLC soon – its end smashed in by the common thug courier apparently, and was just bodged with crap glue, gaffer tape and plastic bits by prior owners – I already bought the fibreglass/resin/black paint for that job in future, and the screen and floppy drive can be upgraded also for larger USB storage for £12 or so..:

There is much to be done again for the home setup – I have FLS v10 running in linux under Wine but ASIO has not installed, and v12 has no text in the menus – bummer.

If you want to install Microsoft fonts, there’s an easy way. Just go to your package manager and look for a package named “ttf-mscorefonts-installer”. Click on it, Mark for installation and apply. You’re done.

I solved the FLS12 font problem searching online – there are no fonts in the Wine/Win folder, so I searched for the ttf folder installed above in / then copied all the MS fonts to the Wine C: Fonts folder;

I may as well start the new era with an upgraded FLS while I’m at it now it has menu text! Ah – maybe NOT! The tight bastards didn’t give lifetime upgrades to the web download Producer version – only the box set!! Dicks…

For the record, here’s the default V12 NewStuff soundtrack bounced out to mp3:

For FLS 10 before I fixed V12 fonts, I had to use Audacity to record the sound of the K2 track for the wav file above from stereo Mix outs to PC line in (forgot about Edison!) – now I need to find how to bounce each track out separately (each can be muted somewhere) so they can be dragged into FLS for mixing/mastering and possible MIDI dumping of samples etc. so there should be a few Posts to come on all the problems…I want to see what can be done with an FLS mix on this example next…

Each track is muted in Mixer mode with the banks 1-8 or 9-16 soft button, then the 8 front panel buttons – Program, Setup etc. This allows soloing of the track to the outputs.

I dragged the wavs into FLS then panned the pianos, added Maximus on default patch to the Master fader and bounced out this mp3:

Not bad quality for default K2 patch FX via an analogue out for sampling then 16 bit MS WAV for export with no FLS EQ or normalizing eh?

Or the daft version that I did to remind me how to add reverb to tracks…oops, forgot to include reverb tails on the bounce out – see it was worth the silliness..

May have to re – purchase half the shit I sold 3 years ago again…like a Focusrite Scarlett etc. to minimize the current bad latency with the cheap USB/MIDI lead I have now…it’s enough to use the K2K as a master controller to play FLS plugins like Sytrus etc, but the 12msec delay means live recording is not viable.

However, it is still ok to play the K2 patches along with many Plugin patches from Sytrus and Autogun as some mix together beautifully – I may do a short video of those that work well together…