FL Studio | Controlling and Recording Hardware Synthesizers (MIDI Out Plugin)

To play your synth from the Sequencer Piano Roll, you need to load and set the MIDI out channel, say 4 in this case – to the same channel your synth can receive on – you can just scroll through them with the midi clip playing to find it when sound plays back if you don’t know your synth channel setting. Enable midi output must be set in Options:

Now you can play sounds on the external unit and record the audio from it back into FLS at the same time by setting an input device for a mixer channel as in the prior Live Mode Post :

You see the audio mixer channel in on the far right is set to the Scarlett which the synth patch audio  returns through back to FLS to be recorded as a wav file using the 1 click mic button on the top right menu. Live mode is on to record as in the Song window. The record button is set to record audio only.

You can now record the sound you want from your external device by manually setting it using the synth Bank/Program buttons, with/out it’s  own FX etc. then normalise it in the sample window once recorded if it’s below line level (check device output volume level and audio unit input level is not clipping).

To edit the clip in Edison – e.g. reverse it and Save As to your Sliced Beats folder etc. – Rclick the wav window: