FLS10 – Simple Piano Roll Effects

Simple Piano Roll Effects

A really quick and easy Post for some quick, simple but effective treatment of Piano Roll notes using the drop menu only – everything in there from note velocity to Channel Panning with just a mouse drag.

Create a long enough sequence of hi hats for this example to show the effects at work- I use 8 beats per bar for 32 x 1/16 notes e.g.

Right click the Hat Channel and send to Piano Roll:

I won’t do a Velocity change here as that is easier to drag a curve in the sequencer window as in prior Posts – the Fade In example:


Ctrl A to Select All and delete these 1/16 notes in the Piano Roll, as I want finer notes/gridlines, so set Snap to ¼ steps then paint notes across the Bar.

Choose Pan from the drop menu and left click/drag a diagonal Pan Line as below:

Sounds like:


You could click alternating notes above and below the default Pan Line to set them alternate stereo left or right:

Sounds like:


Make sure the Hat Channel volume is at Max:

Do similar curves with the Note Pitch, Filter resonance and Cutoff frequency, for something that sounds like: