FPC Library Kits – The Good, The Bad and The Oddities

        FPC Library Kits – The Good, The Bad and The Oddities

I have downloaded 22 varied kits for the FPC to log for future reference, a general taster of what the Content Library has that are worth checking out or not – depending very much on what sort of music you write, of course.

I struck lucky last year with the first and only kit I got – the Gretsch – it has great samples for all parts of the kit, is usable for most generic styles of Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz, and sounds great EQ’d with a dash of Reverb. Here are some drums I did to replace an Apple Pro Tools drum machine VST I am working on at college:

This was EQ’d with Fruity Parametric on some parts, in the usual way by sending each pad to a separate Mixer channel, toms, crashes and 2 snares panned with reverb, whatever you want…

A great sound I think.

So what about the other kits? Well, they vary wildly with some good, but most a bit naff (for me) but it is taste and genre specific.

You can see from the list above which 22 I have, but I wont bounce all obviously, but maybe just 10 of the better or more usable ones for most styles, in my humble opinion. The other (than the Gretsch) more “realistic” ones are:

FPC Power Kit:
FPC Power Kit.mp3

GM Kit:
GM Kit.mp3

Gretsch Cataloose:

Real Drums 01, 10 and Jazz 02:


Tama – a bit disappointing for me.


For classic electro – the 707 was the better of the 808 or 909, and for plain weird – the Vocoder Kit (and Glotsch!):

Considering how many are in the DL Lib, most are a bit crap, and if you wanted weird stuff you would build your own from separate samples I reckon, so I think a lot of real good kits sounds are missing – no doubt due to the cost of having Pros set them up and record them well – fair enough – disappointing nonetheless.