General Drum Miking 1

I will have to fill out this Post with the right info when I get it from back-tracking notes etc. but as I have  7 mic recordings in FLS ready to export, that sounds great, I wanted to get it up asap.


This is the FLS panning I have done on this only (no FX – yet!)


Luckily, one of the students – Flip – is an excellent solid drummer, and a Lefty, so this is about the first recording session we did out of 3 main drum miking techniques, with a couple of changes made to each technique – small mic movements, and model changes etc. (Glyn John’s (4 mics) and 2 similar (7 mics).

You can hear a big difference in the two, apart from obvious volume level when the kick and snare were moved further away, but I like the general tone and feel of the 2nd kit, a more jazz fusion, brighter sound, than the first more heavy, rock type sound, with that weird OH or ambient “boing” of the snare that I dislike.

I’ll EQ, reverb and mix these in FLS soon, and see what results I can get from each.

Here’s the mic types used in all the sessions so far – research which types can be used where yourself if not stated.

Shure PG52 Large diaphragm Kick drums, Sax, Bass

AKG D112 Kick, Bass

Shure PG81 Hi freq response Hi Hats, Cyms

Sennheiser MD421


Shure PG56 Snare, Toms

Sennheiser 604 Snares

Rode NT5 Stereo overheads

Rode NT2A Room Ambience

Shure SM58B Hyper/Supercardioid (good general purpose mic)