Importing Wave/.AIFF Sample Files to FLS

Importing Wave/.AIFF Sample Files to FLS

Ok, just a quick Post to document for myself the quickest process I’ve found yet, for importing sample files like .wav or Apple .AIFF (audio interchange file format) files from Apple Logic into FLS.

I will document the process of Exporting/Bouncing files as .wavs, from Apple Logic another time, when I have the time to show screenshots in a suitable word processor on my Apple G4, which I’m still a novice on, unlike my Windows PCs. For now, assume that’s already done, and the files have been copied to my Windows PC.

If you drag the files one by one into the left side Track numbers column, the Track will take the name of the file. I haven’t found a way of selecting all the files you want to drag, and dumping the lot in one go, as happens with the Sequencer window.

The advantage with using this and not the Sequencer window, though it’s a bit tedious if you have a lot of files, one by one, is you don’t have to click a start trigger note and send it to the Piano Roll, then have to start and stop the Sequencer before the trigger note loops round and starts playing all the samples over and over until it sounds like an out of control delay FX.

I’m sure there is a better way of starting a Sequence without needing a Piano Roll trigger note but I haven’t found it.

So, back to the Track window – once all the files are dragged, they show auto colour coded in the Sequencer window also – key F6:

Now all you have to do is select all the Tracks in the Sequencer window, with Ctrl Left Click over one of the green LEDs right of the Sequencer button, to highlight them all as above.

Go to the Mixer window – F9 – click mixer channel 1, and in the Mixer right side drop menu, choose Link selected channels/Starting from this Track:

This will then auto assign all the selected Sequencer tracks to as many mixer channels in numerical order:

Just ensure the Transport is in Song mode not Pattern mode, press Play or Spacebar, and all the Tracks should be audible.

You can now move to any point in the Tracks in the Song window, clicking/dragging along the orange Play bar indicator:

You can now Solo/pan/mix each Track as required, or add FX like FLS Limiter in Comp mode on drums etc. or add Automation tracks for faders, panning, whatever.

Remember to Save the Project at this point, so all the files can be found by FLS when you next open it.