Korg Triton Function Vid and SCSI/CF/USB info

Internal EXB05:

Note: you cannot solder/connect a drive directly to the above 34 pin SCSI header, as this links to the (missing) SCSI EXB that contains a SCSI controller chip:

(probably decodes Korg 34 pin SCSI implementation?) before it would feed the external 25 pin SCSI 1 (Apple) connector. Prices are ridiculous also, like MOSS boards – you could buy another keyboard for that price!

You would also need a Molex power connection for older SCSI 1 drives – it may be possible to use the floppy power via adaptor IF the SCSI drive is the same or less consumption as the floppy!!

Cheapest option, IF you get a WORKING Gotek USB/Floppy emulator (good luck with that – mine didn’t show in the K2000 or the Triton!)

For SCSI to CF card project see:




Cat Keys: A107 SynPiano – set LPF Cutoff and Ass1 knob to min for close to Nielson’s Early In the Morning: