Learning Adelle Hello – Fm, C#, D#, G#, (C+5)

A good song for beginner’s – LH 5ths and RH triads with mirrored hands to get familiar.

Adelle’s mp3 clocks at 79 BPM.

Nice Triton patch for this is B001 Attack Piano

Beginner’s LH and RH chords learned separately before together:

Now play both hands mirrored:


After only 4 days of learning this song and nearly completing Rhythm Techniques | Video 3 at https://improvpianotips.com

I starting roughly jamming over the chords to get this – a really fun way to learn chords and different rhythm styles of your own in way that comes naturally to you alone – it doesn’t matter about timing and mistakes at this point but developing feel and style – that’s why it’s called practice! :