Learning Beatles Yesterday LH Chords

I learned a lot in a day doing this – both for my left hand chord placement, ear training, simplifying for my level/ability and more functions in FLS.

I started by writing down then learning the LH chords for the first verse down as they were shown in Warren’s excellent video:

then once playable after a few hours reasonably well enough to play into FLS at a really slow tempo of 60 BPM, I could tweak, think about and find better fingerings for me – then tidy it up as a record of repertoire, timing and reference in future. Everyone’s hands are going move and play chords differently so it’s good to experiment.

I played the melody line (badly!) into another channel using Live mode again, then quantized it and moved notes to fit the actual vocal line as I see fit – this gives experience in moving notes (change the Snap values to suit) to where notes are played off the beat for learning the RH later.

When exporting the mp3:

I found another Project export function to a zip file – which I assume lets other FLS owners DL it and open too as it’s a .flp file inside – here if you want:


24 hrs later it’s playable – slowly and not too well – I thought a bit of tumble drier accompaniment would be nice too..!

Now the right hand to do, then both together..see ya in few months for that no doubt…