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Ok, here’s the first bit of techy stuff… The Copper Synth settings for the .wav file on the AV page and below the JPG are this:


This sample uses notes from the C major scale A, G, C, E, and D;  6th, 5th, root, and major 3rd, so works in over a C major chord.


Just to combine 2 principles next, below, this an example of changing the waveform to square from saw-tooth, and changing the note selection so this becomes a C minor scale construct.



This makes a grittier sound than the saw wave.

As it contains C, A#, D#, F and G where the D# is the minor 3rd, and A# is the minor 7th. F is the 4th. This works over a C min 7th chord.

To remove single notes from the sequence, right click with the mouse – creates a 1/16th note rest



As its Robert Moog´s birthday, according to google, with a nice playable Moog applet too, I thought it would be good to link to the documentary of this amazing man, which includes a demo of the basic sound envelope concepts of attack, release, sustain and decay, and how his early electronics altered these:


Here is a really informative instruction video on how to use it – or any synthesiser in general for that matter – as well as a general insight into sound envelopes – Fantastic!:

And here is the Dr Who melody played with the Doodle – great stuff!

A vid about the rise of “Bedroom Producers” which is worth a look:

which mentioned Soundcloud, also worth a look if you are into home production and file sharing your ideas:

I’ve just got MM Dance in the post for my sister to play with, and a (quick copy of its samples of course) so I thought I’d give a quick overview:

It has 4 folders of sounds – Drums, Bass, Harmony and Melody, containing some 820 samples, most of which are duplicates for each music key, as expected.

Some of the synth Melody sounds are very rich and full, – the default for this program is 140 bpm – and a quick play through most of them gave me the idea of throwing together a quick overview MP3 of the main samples I quite liked here:


UNFORTUNATELY, here is the interface – YAK ! Nuff said really, but to be fair, it is what it is, a fun thing for an intro to PC Music or Video editing, as it combines both A+V as immediate drag/drop in one go, and the quality of the samples is good :


I’m not going ti say any more on this, except, for 4 quid off Ebay, the samples alone are worth that.

Next up the Hip Hop version:

OK, back to a more serious working environment here, more like my DX11 version.

With this one, as it has a 2 Demos, for the 2 default styles – HipHop and R+B – I’ve just exported one as an MP3:


Other folders become available to browse to and use like DLX 11 can in expert mode so you can also access the contents of your sounds library elsewhere, and seems to have similar functionality. The file access structure is different as it creates a Database type structure, as it installs into the WIndows Program Files dir, unlike earlier versions that created their own C:\Magix folder.


** @25/5/12

Just discovered that HH3 can automatically import MM11 sounds into its Soundpool on insertion of the MM11 CD.


It did export the demo to MP3 without requiring the codec purchase, as MM11 did on WIn XP. I’ll look into why that is that more later (Win7 not XP?).

This version has a wide diversity of sounds, from nasty square bass to high analogue instruments.

I just threw this next example together pretty much at random, going through some the sounds I liked, which shows the varied range of sounds available.


The next is the same principle using the R+B style folder to show what’s in there:


On the whole , quite a versatile, user friendly package like MM11, but nicer looking.


Here is an upload of random MM Garage version sounds:


I’ll show the Interface when I reload the software sometime:


A new page now, for Tech Studies of sound engineering aspects etc. I have had a closer look at the Silver Synth settings.
and written a study for these synths – from basics to creating a “usable” sequence, here:
I wont do any more Tech Info on this page as I do them in Word as Posts now, and Publish them from there.

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