Minimal ASIO Latency Delay Settings for FLS in Linux Wine

A quick update of the older ASIO Latency Posts for my better spec. Dell Quad server with 8GB RAM running Linux Mint 17.3; I assume Wine is already installed and configured for Win C: drive settings etc.

Rclick and Install the  FLS10.exe using the Wine Windows Program Loader.

When FLS10 is installing, be sure the ASIO4All driver box is ticked:

Once installed and the Audio/ASIO panel settings checked in the Options menu, I found that 512 smp buffer size gave the shortest delay from pressing the K2000 keys to triggering a plugin but without digital noise (buffer underun) with a stated latency time of 12ms. This may be ok for a keys player to live with to play along live with an FLS track and record something that may be editable/quantizable after.

The video shows the audible lag between the K2000 sound from external speakers to the sound from the plugin coming from the HDMI TV with both FLS10 and FLS12 – no difference to me though the FLS12 has an upgraded “faster” ASIO driver they claim, but if the bottleneck is your other kit then it won’t make any difference – you can only buy a more expensive MIDI/USB unit though the Scarlett unit I had 3 years back still meant mostly unusable latency for live recording along with an FLS track.:

(meant 8GB RAM of course…)

The USB/MIDI lead is a cheap Conrad one from years ago that actually works!