RIP Gary Tudball 2008

What can I say about Gary? Lots. We met mid 80s with music in common – he was a very solid blues/rock drummer who played for pleasure. We were like brothers at one stage in the 90s. We taught each a lot about extremes and having fun in life; friendship, music, humour, relationships, travel, shitty dead end jobs, social life – as well as how NOT to live life – making some major errors we never recovered from fully. Some of these led directly to his suicide. I got away with much that he didn’t, lived to learn from them, count myself very lucky and made timely reparations along better paths…

That was his final lesson to me.

“You saying that Blain and Hawkins were killed by a fucking lizard? That’s a bullshit psyche job. There’s two to three men out there at the most. Fucking lizard..!


1991 snow at Mountsfield Park, Lewisham

The full version of this video is available to only those who were there (for obvious reasons if you remember any of it!?) if you email me so I can send the private youtube link:

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Colin Wisely; Dave Hatcher; Anna Hart; Sandra and Sue Lane. Janet Waters and Dotty are on the Xmas Msg vid also.










The album track that reminds me of him the most – Men At Work’s Down By The Sea, no 3:

..and Matt Bianco/Basia