Sidechains – Rhythmic Volume Ducking

Sidechains – Rhythmic Volume Ducking of Pads

A quick continuation from the last related Post, to document automated Volume Ducking by another Channel using the Sidechain function to trigger the Fruity Compressor.

This example uses the kick drum to pulse another sound, as used in Dance music a lot.

Add a Pad preset with a soft attack (preferably) so you have a nice uniform constant sound to alter.

Set a note or chord 1 bar long to play in the Piano Roll window.

Put Fruity Limiter in the Pad FX Rack – select Comp.

Select your kick drum mixer channel, then Rclick the Send Sidechain button on the Pad mixer channel for the menu, and choose “Sidechain to this Track only” so the kick sound audio does not also get sent to the Master channel if required.

Rclick the Sidechain channel box and set to the source sig channel – the kick.

You should get a volume knob set to minimum appear on the Pad channel:

When you play the track you see only the even Pad envelope playing in the Compressor window.

Sounds like:


To make the Pad respond dynamically on beat with the kick drum sends, a Threshold and compression ratio need to be set.

On touching the Thresh knob, the wave analyser is seen in blue, monitoring the kick input waveform.

Lower the Threshold sufficiently so enough of the kick wave time will pass to duck to Pad volume audibly.

Now set a full 100% compression ratio to compress the Pad and dropping the knee horizontal.

Now raise the Gain to max, without clipping over 0dB in the Peak meter:

Now, the Pad volume is pulsed (squashed), in time with the kick drum, and released between kicks.

Note this is the inverse function to a Gate, where the sound is unconstrained above a certain Threshold, not Ducked.

Over 8 bars it sounds like:


If you wan to hear the kicks also, then you route the kick signal to both the Pad AND the Msster channels, not using the “only” menu option: