First Post – Silver Synth Study

Silver Synthesizer Analysis

OK, I’m going to try to get to the nuts and bolts of the synth using HipHopV3 as it’s a nice panel to work in and has some new things to discover no doubt.

I have loaded the SILVER SYNTH, I have unticked easy mode view and have the Task Assistant set so it shows info in the video screen when hovering over a function.

I have set the synth to its simplest form which is all one note with no accents or slides to get a reference for future changes. The most basic sound settings I could get still gave a modulated pulse in it for now, so setting the track BPM to minimum (55) to hear what is happening, the settings are:

I expected a constant pitch as I got that I when playing with the Copper Synth in the earlier examples, but maybe that is the basic difference between the 2 types?

On export as a .wav file, this gizmo popped up:

The reference wave sounds like this:


Wow! I clicked the video button on this little player and got this mouse driven firework display – cool!:

It has all these visual styles:


When set to auto and playing the sound wave you get pretty patterns:

So, more fun things under the hood in this version it seems.

Anyway, back to the synth…

Let’s try to make it more musical firstly, by changing some notes, as it does your head in at the mo! Say:

Sounds like:


OK, so what do the colours blue, gold and green do? Changing from blue to gold on the 2nd C, raises it 1 octave, and green by 2.

Lets accent all the notes in bars 2+3 also…you can hear lower harmonics now the higher ones are filtered out:

Listen now:


So the accent is a filter process.

OK – slides?

Seems they smooth the attack and decay of the notes so they flow into each other:

Sounds like:


Now changing to a square wave, as these are the product of many frequencies theoretically, to hear the change, whilst spreading the sound over 2 octaves by changing to some green and golds on the E and G notes:

A bit more interesting:


Good so far – so what do the knobs do??

The Mod Control appears to shift the carrier more in/out of phase causing cancellation of some frequencies (higher ones in this case) when moved fully anti-clockwise:


Let’s speed it back up to say, 120 bpm, and set the Mod to the middle as a frequency compromise, and we get:


Now we have a useable sequence, that isn’t too bad! Put against drums and bass (and a leftover ending – oops!):


I really like this HipHop version3 to work in – some nice features, and I haven’t even looked at the video creation side of any Magix stuff yet,

More to come on the effects rack too…same as MM11 except for Karaoke: