Warren’s Most Effective Way To Master 2-5-1 Progressions

The thing to note for those who think pattern visually as a beginner (and guitarists!) is the upper two notes of the RH 1/3/5 chord shape each move up by 2 semi tones AFTER the 2nd chord of the 2-5-1 progression has changed to the minor key:

The pattern at 75 BPM for RH is:

Left hand needs more work:

I meant 2-5-1 progressions in the vid, not 245 or whatever I said…

Those dim min 3rd patterns in the vid above cover all 12 keys as diminished inversions remain themselves – in C and B:

white, white, black, black….patterns


black, white,white,white, black…patterns

I used to play this pattern on guitar – count 4-6:

You can use the dim scale over the 5th Dom7 chord 1-4-5 blues turnaround.

Similar patterns exist for the whole tone scale as well: – 4 whites, 2 blacks….