At Least 15 Reasons Not to Use Win 10!

Be careful with the newer  "free Refresh/Install" fix Win10 ISO from MS – it still tries to conceal the wifi-sense section off the screen bottom – in the custom install section! Devious bastards!

DON'T use the Express option – all defaults are ON.


Having not used Win 10 at all since 2015 – a quick look (in general disgust) – and fixing some clients laptops that upgraded to the free offer (that was a total bug finding and support call generating con as usual!), then  dumping Windows totally, as Mint does everything I need and more – except W7 again recently for Games only (Call of Duty – where's the Linux port?? MS puppets!) – I am truly shocked at the continuing insecure methods used for data collection behaviour they are up to!

Researching common Windows faults for up coming support work revealed some of the continued awfulness that is MS…why would anyone want this shit and associated hassle – and pay for it!!?

Shared wifi passwords?? What!!??? Switch this off!! It's on if you accept the Express setup con.

"Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of Wi-Fi Sense, which is designed to get you onto wireless networks more quickly. On a device with Wi-Fi, click the back arrow, select Network & Internet, click WiFi and select Manage WiFi Settings. We'd strongly recommend turning off Connect to suggested open hotspots, Connect to networks shared by my contacts, and disabling the button under Paid WiFi services if it's present."

Notice they have updated the above services page from the article example below, where it shows they shared wifi passwords with other users – as Win10 initially failed Swiss Data Protection laws so had to be more open about what they were doing or not be able to sell their insecure shit there…shame all other countries aren't so moral or protective of their citizens…

Recently the Win 10 compulsory Fall Update reset my non-techy mate's laptop firewall to default closed so it no longer connected to the Internet. No warning or documentation fix from MS of course..nice…

If MS didn't pay other companies to install it on their PCs, no one would even have it!

Read this and weep…systems should improve with time – not get worse. The cheeky bastards now want to buy their way into the Free Software Foundation years after Paul Allen called Linux a "a cancer"? Prick…

Most Ridiculous Windows Apologist's statement of the year by this author:

"This is because Microsoft isn't quite as controlling as some other big tech companies…"

hahaha….really?? What planet are you from? You could define MS as a dictatorship! Idiot.

Just installing a brand new Canon iSensys printer driver…here we go again…

Needless to say, it didn't restart…

If you really want corporate backing for linux gear:

Dell's Has Sold 'Tens of Millions' Dollars' Worth of Project Sputnik Laptops