Chinese IP Camera Garbage – Keep Calm and Steer Clear

What can I say? I know better, but sometimes, in a lighter, more forgiving moment, you think "Well, maybe my last bad experience was unlucky – that Chinese car cam I got last year – that could not be rebooted after the first day, and needed the battery removed to be able to kill it, just to have it lock up again…"

So, after 9 months after, I did it again – twice! After the success of the Rapberry Picams (2 at home and one at work – still working well, with quality images), I got an indoor Apexis, and an outdoor Sricam…then the nonsense started all over again – with both cameras!

The Sricam was DOA out of the box! No picture from the God Awful Windows Only software – that, after translation means "Win 7 Only" as both the setup and viewing software did not show button characters or menus in Win8 properly, either.

Both companies use the same, slightly modified software also – and the cameras need 2 Apps each to set them up and view them…why??? Why can't it all be done in a browser from the start? Why are Chinese industrial level programming skills so poor? Read the comment on the GIT node PERL bug Post re the programming of the drivers ofr the MTU7601 WiFi dongle Post also. I'm not targetting one country based on race prejudice here. If I think something is consistently shit, then I think it needs pointing out.

The software set up is the most convoluted and unnecessary procedure I have endured – with 2 Apps, and OCX packages required to be installed. Waste of time. Why, when you will be viewing and controlling the camera via a browser later in most cases anyway?

The Apexis, seemed ok to start, with a motorised, almost 360 degree field of view, and a good quality image, but alas, the Chinese lack of engineering, robustness, quality control, attention to detail, poor programming, and overall systems design means that these products are doomed for a very short lifespan, if they work at all, from the moment they fall off the sweat shop assembly line.

As I wrote to the Sricam seller, if an outdoor camera can't even survive the journey from China when packaged, how is it going to cope outside in a UK winter?

Garbage. End of story.

Harsh summary? I don't think so, as someone who worked in Alcatel's factory making telecoms subsea optical repeaters components, that were required to have a 25 year guarantee at ocean floor depths, so a Quality Control label actually means what it says, then no, I don't think it's a harsh summary.

The statistics say it all. 3/3 electronic cameras from 3 different Chinese companies that failed almost immediately after purchase. The three cases range from DOA, Dead In One Day, to Camera and Access failure in 3 weeks.


Meanwhile, the Picams just plod on like clockwork, with great image quality from £13-£20 camera units, with only 640×480 of a possible 1920×1440 resolution shown below.