Creating an eBook PDF from your WordPress Posts

Creating an eBook PDF from your WordPress Posts Using Linux and WordPress Tools Only

Here is the research I did to find out how – using Worpress and what is free and repository available in linux – I could use to create a reasonably professional looking summary document of my Valve Amp Posts with a view to learning what is involved with PDF merging and how to overcome some of the hurdles one may face in getting your Posts formatted how you want and collated in the right order.

If you just want to create a PDF from another source document, Libre has an Export as PDF option.

The first step was to find a decent WordPress plugin to download the Posts in PDF format. This was a bit of a plugin trial and error farce for a while.

I finally found Print Friendly PDF which did a great job, with the added bonus of allowing your viewers to DL or Email a Post for themselves using a button you place on the Post:

This gives a nice preview before you DL it.

Set up the plugin button position and other features in Setup.

The formatting done by this plugin is slick, but make sure your Post is formatted well before the download – centre your pics etc. – else they will be offset permanently after like this: