Fix Double Minus Sign Problem in WordPress in Theme Functions php

Why do programmers/bosses/managers feel they have to interfere in stuff that's not needed? A Bill Gates/MS, know all, egomaniacal, OCD control freak character trait or something?

If people can't write or type properly, why is it up to a programmer to "cater" for it by DEFAULT???!!! Jeez…"texturize"…Really..!? Shit! My question mark is placed after the exclamation mark…oh save me programmer…

WordPress shows a single negative sign instead of two negatives, by default, and I'm sick of it.

What kind of arse mentality pervades at WordPress, who write software – in code; not poetry I assume – to reproduce text, and think it would be better not to show literal characters, in a computer based environment, so it "looks" nice? Subjective stupidity to the max. Have it as an option, fine, but not turned ON by default! Dicks!! Do Bloggers give a shit what text looks like as long as it's readable? Who cares??

"Texturize is a text filter that modifies posted text or comments to present a more readable and visually attractive output.

While it creates aesthetically pleasant text, it might create difficulties when posting, for instance, code examples in a programming language. In such situations modification of the text is not desirable because it might create syntactically incorrect code.

Texturize is enabled by default"

So how do you undo what these dicks dictate should happen, and show literal text?

It's not even as simple as having an on/off option! Unreal!! I am SPITTING about the idiocy and arrogance involved here!



…yes I believe you can stop that by disabling the wptexturize function:


remove_filter('the_content', 'wptexturize');

remove_filter('the_title', 'wptexturize');



I added that above, at the bottom of functions.php, to know where to find it, thought it worked, as I got the double negs showing after a refresh in that page – and the command pastes double negs correctly back to the Mint terminal also, so runs:

rsync /home/stevee/Videos/ / –progress -vrazh –dry-run

Solved!? No…

Later on, I could not login to the WP dashboard, as the headers were "already sent" and broke things.

I have since deleted the above php lines via cpanel, and can now get back in via IE, as Chrome must have cached the headers..? What a fucking unnecessary, programmer oriented fuck about – as usual!! Leave shit alone that is not required!! If I want to put any fucking characters in MY text, I want to be able to do it and not have it "texturized", font changed, colour changed, size changed, changed into fucking Martian, cyrilic, Egyptian, or Elvish fonts, or anything else for that matter, just coz YOU think it would be "better"! What the fuck is wrong with you people?!! Concentrate on fixing your BUGS first, and test your fucking software BEFORE releasing it, before adding shit, un-needed features!

Prioritise, you disorganised Asberger, superiority complex suffering clowns…

Look at technicalities first – er, like Linux using double negatives as part of it's operation, before you decide "language" and "grammar" is more important in a Blog, or ANY computer produced document – when half the younger generation use shorthand – coz, ur, l8tr, etc, – because many can't spell properly anyway, COZ thay dint reed buks!

There, I feel better now…Rant over…

I'm not the only person mightily fucked off here. This issue caused me loads of hassle and wasted time today.

This guy has written a simple on/off Plugin I'm about to try here:


Drop-ins are advanced plugins in the wp-content directory that replace WordPress functionality when present.


Presumably you have to login to your Cpanel and upload it?

WordPress would have been far better putting a font type and size formatter button for a Post, than a bollox texturizer, if they are really worried about what text looks like. That would actually be REALLY USEFUL! Are you listening Dicks?

What, no Select All and change text type button?? Oh yeah, we have Word for that, silly me – and it can spell check and format too, WITHOUT changing characters…Duh…

Oh yea…for textuality conformity – as much as it can be anyway…:

Check your linux term is set to UTF8 also:

MintServer stevee # locale
















This still doesn't stop apostrophes changing to full stops though, when pasted into linux….

awk '{print $2}' = awk .{print $2}.

Fuck me, whatever happened to getting the basics right first, before building complexity in anything these days…Planet Moron.

Well, at least the plugin seems to work for the double negs now – thank fuck.

I guess WP will be making one that removes swear words and derogatory comments aimed at them next? WANKERS!! Texturize that.