Google Chromecast – A Way to View Browsers on TV

What made me look into Chromecast?  A desire to view my Picams on a TV over my network that was frustrated by the usual dictatorial, controlling mentality of closed corporations like Sony and Philips, that won't just put an "open" browser in a TV so people can surf using their own TV.
Google has gone "some" way to breaking that dictatorship with Chromecast.
This does the trick – and much more if you want, like Apps for Youtube so you can finally watch what YOU want on your TV, instead of the mostly mindless shit on mainstream.
Most "Smart" TVs don't allow you to use a browser "normally" i.e. input an IP address into the bar, which is all I wanted to do to watch my Picams as I do on a PC. With Chromecast you can send the content seen in Chrome to the TV.


When you have one of these units from Argos etc. (£20 NOW!), you use your phone as the default setup and controller as per box instructions of course, but once setup to your TV, you can ALSO use your chrome browser to view any hard drive vids etc. you may have on your network, then cast that to your TV also.

Chrome browser has a Cast option in the top right corner – if not install the plugin extension:
You can right click a pre DL'd vid for example, then use Chrome as the viewer then send it to your TV – so COOOOOOL!!:
Now it's on my TV!