Google Docs

For those who are unaware, google docs and google drive are a great teaching aid and personal storage area for solo or group shared tasks. All changes are automatically saved so you never lose work or have to Save manually.

Access gdrive and more Apps from the square blocks icon in gmail or google+ top right:

You can create a document (like this one!)

that can be shared with others in a specific group, giving particular levels of access and change to people within that group or not. Many formats are compatible now, including MS Word and Excel etc. so do not necessarily need Office now, if you have a gmail account and Internet.

It can be used for instant shared class research using the inbuilt sources and link search tool that can be viewed to the right of a document, and those links or pics dragged straight into the document using the Tools/Research menu:

A teacher can just create a group containing all required individuals for access, and others individually outside that group too, all within the google account framework with the Share button or a Shareable Link in an email:

There are many Google Apps that can be linked to your Google account for all sorts of topics as for Google Play for your Android phone:

This saves a lot of money buying Apps just to try, or get an idea of what features you specifically need, before you buy something outside Google, maybe. Save a local copy using the File/Download menu in a format to suit you:

Off you go…