GParted MBR Weirdness – New fdisk MSDOS Partition Needed on Some Hard Disks

Just documenting the behaviour of Gparted that I have seen many times, with no logical explanation, for a new MBR not being written correctly(?) or not overwriting a prior GRUB MBR correctly (?) so not leading to correct booting, with some hard drives but not others.

Normally you write a new partition table for a Windows install (especially if you had linux on the disk) if you want to copy install files from a Win.iso to then boot and install, from the Device menu of Gparted.

Sometimes this fails to work as the Win install files are not booted into so hangs, and I found that using command line fdisk to create a new empty DOS partition first, then using Gparted again for recreating and formatting a say, 10GB Recovery partition for the install files, setting the boot flag, then rebooting solves the issue.


sudo fdisk /dev/sda

Seen after Win install, but showing the 10GB REC partition:

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