Microsoft, Not You, Now Owns Your Laptop via W10! Install Mint Despite Deliberate W10 Tactics.

As predicted in the prior w10 rant when w10 blocked my BIOS laptop keys via the soft power off function, (hidden in Power Button options, "other settings usually unavailable" – how deliberately cryptic and misleading is that!?) I said it would eventually remove BIOS and Boot Menu key access completely to stop people booting to any other OS like Linux – and now it has! Saw it last week for the first time.

A client who never uses his £300 Acer V5, because he hates w10 so much he can't face trying to use it, asked me to install Mint on it – but I would not – even by unticking the power button soft power on options, removing the battery, draining the CMOS and rebooting, (without more hassle, like taking the laptop apart to access the hard drive for install on another system, as this locked down Acer shit has no drive access panel – you have to remove the whole back), which I was not prepared to do for his financial sake, so I suggested selling it as a w10 laptop on Ebay, as it is a 2015, vgc laptop that cost £300 new.

I said he would be better off getting £150 or so on Ebay for it (he was prepared to take less to get rid of the shit!!) and buying a cheaper laptop like a nice, fast, ex Vista, HP 7630B with 2GB+ RAM, that runs Mint like lightning, now that his is "owned" by MS.

The problem was that NONE of the BIOS keys – F2, F12 etc. – will allow BIOS access, or if you DO get the boot menu by rapidly running your thumb across all buttons to be sure of hitting something in time before it boots to w10 – it STILL ignored the menu option for the USB boot device for the Linux install and booted w10 anyway!!

I also saw the first "pop up advert" in the OS on this machine taking up about 1/4 of the bottom right of screen!!

Employers will love that eh?? Staff getting distracted from work, on slow enough w10 shit already, without that also…good luck….

You don't own your machine any more! MS do.

Next predictions?

I think they will automatically format any USB stick or folder that contains any linux OS if it is inserted into a w10 machine or downloaded to it, and eventually rootkit your linux based router OS so that access is always available so you cannot firewall Windows data traffic such as NSA/CIA/MS/3rd party IP addresses (if you could even ID them!) that w10 sends data to.

Why do you think they are keen to get into the OSource arena as Platinum partners? They will learn a lot about OS code and pick brains no doubt. If they were genuine about becoming more open about OSource collaboration, why are they locking you out of your own systems to prevent you using anything else or prevent you sticking with w7 or win8 and forcing an upgrade to w10 eventually by over-riding the auto updates?

I warned you "free w10 is not free"…Foolish Mortals…!

Also, bear in mind that if you have web access via a Pay As You Go G4 phone access dongle – YOU are paying for all "behind the scenes" MS download data transfer also – if you were wondering why you have no credit left when you left the dongle in the laptop and had only surfed for 5 mins yourself – even if "shutdown" which it doesn't, as it sleeps only, by default…

It ate all my friend's credit on her 3 network dongle when she said she had hardly used it for herself…not only does it do nothing to help you as a buyer/user by using most of the system resources for its own purposes as a priority (why it's still slow as shit on really high spec kit like i7s), it spends your money also!!

And you think this is not malware????? There have already been law suits for lost data (w10 removing software it doesn't deem ok to share a PC with etc.). This can break businesses for Christ's sake!! What if it removes an App that a biz relies to function??? Unbelievable!

Don't complain to me about having problems if you use this MS shit when you could use Linux instead…

Boycott these in bed manufactures like Acer that comply with MS rules by taking the MS bribe, allowing BIOS to be locked out, and making hard drive access difficult with no access panels – start demanding manufacturers sell hardware with NO OS so YOU can install what YOU want on it, or buy linux machines to force software writers to port code for linux at the same time they write for MS – drivers included.

You are paying extra for w10 on systems also – which pays the manufacturers hardware bribe, to ultimately give MS your machine and have an OS you don't even want or like, that spies on you amongst many other things, and runs like crap – it's madness!

So how DO you install Mint on a w10 laptop that has hidden the w10 drive AND all the other spare drives that you had as backup disks – to make life as difficult as possible to do what YOU want on YOUR PC?

Win10 puts small hidden FAT32 or GPT partitions at the front of the system AND any seperate backup drives now, so that if you start a linux install you won't see the "install Mint alongside w10" option anymore, as if w10 does not exist on the PC OR any of the spare drives as options to install to! Bastards!

You may think this is fine, but if you go ahead with the install by using the "erase disk and install Mint", Mint overwrites the only available, visible (to the Installer) w10 partitions with Mint, but because there is a hidden FAT/GPT partition at the front of the drive which Mint cannot see so cannot delete and format, this remains as the partition that gets booted to on restart, but because w10 is now deleted – that the hidden partition points to – it states that "No Drive Present"!

So now you have neither w10 OR Mint available!!

This is designed to freak people out deliberately and make it seem like the Linux install broke your PC – which it hasn't…

I'll add pics soon to clarify but I don't have a w10 laptop to show you of my own right now (wonder why?).

Grub did not get installed at the MBR because the hidden partition is already there – again – all designed to make your life difficult and think linux is the cause, and you have now irreparably broken your PC and are left with nothing, and panic and probably try to re-install w10 again in illogical desperation…I told you they are devious bastards…

If you start the Mint install boot process again from the USB drive and use Gparted all will become clear: the prior w10 drive will have the small w10 hidden partition at the start, with the linux install after it on ext4 and swap partitions.

As you have now lost w10 anyway as Mint installed over it, it's best to delete all the drive partitions from scratch, recreate a new full drive partition, format it to ext4 – all using Gparted – then Apply Changes and re-run the Mint install again for the Installer to auto partition it for itself.

Grub will now be installed in the MBR as usual and Mint will be available, soon w10 will be a forgotten nightmare and all will be ok in the world…until they hatch their next evil plan at least..

Another thing to be aware of is "special options" for hardware in the BIOS like Mouse Pad complexity – this may make it seem that your mouse pad does not work when testing Mint in live USB test mode before installing fully, but if you set the pad BIOS option back to "legacy" then the generic linux mouse pad driver should work.

Again  – designed to make people think that their hardware won't work with linux, only fully with w10, so put them off installing linux permanently.