Openshot – An Instantly Usable Video Editor


Easy to use, simple layout, drag drop functional video editor – drag in, cut to length and export – pre-designed drop list parameters for web, HD etc. If you have used Movie Maker in Windows…similar, but much better quality per file export size, as seen with the Web options for youtube at 360p, between my two different bike videos from the same SJ4000 camera:

To install OpenShot:

sudo apt-get install openshot frei0r-plugins


Addend: 29/1/16 – Hmm…I've only used this a handful of times since install and it has crashed most of them with a seg fault,

(from TLCL.PDF: 11 SEGV Segmentation Violation. This signal is sent if a program makes illegal use of memory, that is, it tried to write somewhere it was not allowed to.)

losing all work unless you saved the project to that point! Bugger! So, create a project and save regularly, don't try to do the full edit in one session – I've lost 10-20 mins work at times.