Remote Server gkrellm Monitors or Other GUI Apps via SSH and X11

These are cool looking but very comprehensive status widgets that allow remote server monitoring via ssh and X11 once set up. This assumes you have generated local public RSA keys using:


that are stored in .ssh/, and copied them across to any remote servers you wish to use passwordless logins with using:

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ servername

If you need a graphical walk through of that process see:

or if you want a quick text copy/paste method, scroll down to remote rsync/ssh BUp without pword: on my Notepad page.

SSH can forward X11 traffic, and on Mint it is on by default at line 64 in:

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

X11Forwarding yes

X11DisplayOffset 10

First, install the package on the remote server via:

stevee@AMD ~ $ ssh dellmint

stevee@dellmint ~ $ sudo apt-get install gkrellm

Log out again.

Now you just need to ssh to the remote server (dellmint) you wish to monitor locally, setting X forwarding for that server from your local terminal, which logs you in remotely again, then run gkrellm on the remote server.

stevee@AMD ~ $ ssh -X dellmint

stevee@dellmint ~ $ gkrellm

It's X11 output is then streamed across the ssh tunnel and the above widget appears on your display! Dead cool! Right click it for the many display options and features.


Obviously, you can use this idea to stream any X11 based GUI app from a remote server to your local screen without incurring it's local overhead; Wireshark or gparted (on dellmint!!!) for remote configuration/destruction!, for example.


A VERY handy use for -X is updating CAV anti-virus remotely before a scan as the cmd line options are all GUI based except a file/dir scan itself, e.g.:

exec /opt/COMODO/cavupdater


/opt/COMODO/cmdscan -vs /home/stevee/


Update the software/change mirrors remotely:

stevee@DELLMINT ~ $ sudo software-sources
[sudo] password for stevee: