Rsync and Grsync GUI Tutorials by

Yay! Finally a frontend to rsync for Linux for beginners – but DO learn the cmd line usage also for headless environments.

There is also a version for Windows:


Most commonly used rsync options available, additional options may be specified by command line switches
Saves multiple settings with customized names (no limit on number of "sessions")
Session sets can be created: run multiple sessions at once!
Can do simulation or normal execution
Captures and prints rsync output nicely on a own window and log to a file
Parses rsync output to display progress bars and other information
Highlights errors and show them on a separate window, for better and faster control over rsync runs
Can pause rsync execution
A good number of translations available
Can run custom commands before (and stop in case of failure) and after rsync
Shell script for batch, crontab use etc. provided (grsync-batch)
Can import and export sessions on file; i.e. share your settings with people!
Can minimize to system tray (status icon), when supported
Can run specific sessions with superuser privileges
Rsync backup made easy!
Supports the Unity framework for progress display and notification
Needs rsync installed on the system (command line tool only, no need for server-side daemon) and GTK
Available for free and with sources!
Works on many linux distributions (including Nokia Maemo), Mac OS X and windows!



Transfer completed at at almost 100MB/s hub speed (9MB/s x 8bits = 72Mb/s), and about a 1.5GB Mint.iso in 3 mins: