Slick Canon Printer Support for Linux – How Corporations Should Do It…

Client's MAC Address : 

First, hats off to Canon (and all other Corporations that actively support Linux), it SHOULD be the future, as Win10 heads toward being an annoying advertising space for MS products…it's bad enough suffering pop up ads on the Web – do you want that in your OS as well, when you have work to do..?

How Linux Driver Support Should Be Done:




Install drivers…

Connect printer to LAN router…

Add Printer and find by IP address…

stevee@T3400 ~ $ nbtscan

Doing NBT name scan for addresses from

IP address NetBIOS Name Server User MAC address
—————————————————————————— Sendto failed: Permission denied T3400 <server> T3400 00:00:00:00:00:00 DELLMINT <server> DELLMINT 00:00:00:00:00:00 <unknown> <unknown> Sendto failed: Permission denied

Print test page…Done!

Now compare this to the Windows 10 install from the 1.5GB (!!!) DVD…start install.exe…yawn…lock up..swear a lot..crash…hard poweroff…restart…re-install…eventually…print test page…

Later it got worse, which wasn't Windows10's fault, but for the less than clear installation procedure for Win10 for the WiFi setup…

This requires a USB connection to first give the data to Windows for the WiFi router security – input manually for your SSID/password – before the drivers actually install…the main issue you may have to solve here is if your WPS button does not accept the printer depending on router details.

My Draytek offers multi wifi SSIDs so the MAC address of the printer had to be set against one FIRST before the printer was allowed to wifi connect and get an IP address permanently..what a farce…

I had to enter the printer's MAC address into Access Control section here:

then use the Canon Win software to connect then complete the driver installation stage – else it fails with NO/part drivers installed…what a fuckabout..! Maybe restarts/uninstall/re-install nonsense required here…

Once you have connected and can access all the extra Canon/Windows drivers features via wifi, I suggest you save your router's config for future to save this hassle.

Once the printer HAS a wifi IP you can access it's Mgmnt webpage by that IP:

stevee@T3400 ~ $ nbtscan <unknown> <unknown>

Once the printer has a wifi IP then adding it as a 2nd printer to linux devices is exactly as before but for the wifi IP address instead of the LAN address: