So What's With the QR Code Background?

This week, I realised the possibilities of this massively unknown and underused data format, assuming it was for Bitcoin use only before, until after playing with it.

So what is it?

Get a good QR code reader like Neo for Android phones, from:

Point your phone at the top left of my page, or the QR code below, and follow the links produced.

The data I input via:


I cheated the google maps co-ordinates in the Fax number, by removing the space before the – sign so browsers don't 20% fill the space, so your phone browser can search the numbers with Maps and get the correct map for my workplace.


You finger hold for Copy of the coords, then Paste into the browser address bar, and your search engine/map option should find the map.


I DL'd the image then colourised it in Paint, to check it still worked outside of Black+White, and saved different pixel sizes for background, clarity and colour change ease.


All businesses should have one of these on their Contacts webpage, letterheads, billboards and anywhere else!

Everyone with a smartphone can get full info – not just one field or so – into their phone in one go. Brilliant!

Why is this not everywhere…? T-shirts, mugs, appliances? I'm going to get a T-shirt made up – imagine at a tech conference where everyone has a baseball cap camera that logs every other company's staff T shirts, all in different colours and designs? Death to the boring old Business Card!

Surely there is scope for encryption built in, without image copying nullifying it, so it has use for legitimising products, or equipment ownership etc, like a flouro pen for bank note marking?