Windows 10 Dictatorship – It Gets Worse!!

MS must have a whole dept. dedicated to thinking of ways to keep people from using ANY other OS than their shit and trying to force users to use it once installed, by causing every inconvenience toward that goal. Total bastards!

This is why they should NEVER have been allowed to join the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member. Torvalds must be on the take in his old age…

Their business model is totally against freedom of use of any other software except theirs, so only bad things can happen with them involved in ANYTHING Open Source – bribery high on the list no doubt…

The latest disgusting act is seizing control of your BIOS boot options – under the disguise of a "helpful" fast reboot scheme, hidden in the power button options. If the shit OS could just boot well in the first place it wouldn't have to disguise it!

That's not the main reason of course – it's to make it difficult for non techies to boot to any other OS like Linux and realise how good it is!

How did I find out? Only tonight! I went to boot to a Linux USB drive to test graphics on my laptop, and out of the blue, since last time I booted to W10, it didn't respond to Acer's F12 boot menu or F2 BIOS access – which I always have set on.

Total Wankers!! I didn't unset this option in the BIOS! This is no different from installing a virus on your system – something that makes the PC do something you don't want it to without asking/notifying you first! Then I found I'm not alone in this view of Windows as malware/spyware by that and many other definitions:

An old Post, but does anyone think they would seemingly change their anti free software business model unless it suited them to appear to publicly? Bollocks will it – the company was founded on corporate dictatorship principles – they SELL software! They are not going to give control away.

This debate still rages, on them as corporate stooges for security services and Big Brother:

I wouldn't mind so much if their OS's were GOOD; but they are SHIT! Time wasting, slow, bloated, data mining, NOT true multitasking SHIT! From Win8 on, it looks like it was designed by a 4 year old in MS Paint!

Mining and allowing access to YOUR personal data and controlling your PC – YOUR property!? That's malware!!

If it was any other device – like a TV that kept changing your channel to make you watch only what the manufacturer wanted, there would be civil uproar, or a car that took control and started driving you elsewhere on its own – think of a billion other analogies of your own – you wouldn't buy it; so why do people put up with MS shit doing just that; like it's THE only option? It's WEIRD – you are brainwashed! Snap out of it!

There is an argument for many companies continuing to use it due to past software/tech staff investment, but for office and home users who mainly need mostly a browser for web, mail and media – what does ANYONE need Windows for???

How can you trust one of these OS's to be on your, or anyone else's network you connect to and assume nothing nefarious is going on?

No one has any idea what this shit is doing behind the scenes as Joe Public Programmer can't get to read the code! The same applies to proprietary Apple OSX also, but at least it's based on BSD, so pretty good, but not at the price!

Don't use it!! You don't have to with Mint, Ubuntu, Debian8 and many other far better, FREE OSs available. Just check it will work with your hardware first of course, using a live boot medium.

How many headaches will this windows "sleep mode power down" give IT staff worldwide now when they need to boot to a backup drive or CD in the event of a virus or other issue, manually?!! It doesn't turn the PC fully off! You have to boot back in to w10 again first (another 5 mins of wasted life) to undo this!

Total Wankers!!

You all should have known – free Win10 is NOT free at all. It comes with far worse dictatorial small print conditions, AND data mining with total surveillance included.

No date on this Post – conveniently – this is supposed to happen on w10 Enterprise only – obviously NOT – but how you are supposed to disable it again…?

Go to 'Control Panel -> 'Power Options' -> from the left hand column select 'What the Power Buttons Do' -> at the top of the page select 'Change Settings that are currently unavailable' -> scroll all of the way to the bottom and uncheck 'Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended)'. Then click 'Save Changes'.

Everything they do is devious, underhand and massively inconvenient for users and IT staff alike.

It must waste billions in Company and IT man hours worldwide…yet the brainwashed sheep keep on using this shit…the mind boggles…

Did it work? Yes, but for how long before the next "secret" update turns it back on – or locks out your BIOS for good? All allowed in the small print you didn't read, no doubt…You will think your Motherboard is shot or other…and be chasing around faults that don't exist…but no, it's just the same single bug in the system it ever was…the whole MS Operating System.

This is the final straw for me – I'm not even going to support it in my shop, so it's coming off all my PCs on my home network – not that I use it except to check shit for support reasons for other people – it just can not be trusted talking to anything else, as the WiFi Sense issue showed.

If someone comes in with a non bootable Win PC I'm not going to even try to fix it, I'll offer them a pre installed Mint USB stick to boot to as a quick possible fix to get them functional, then if they like it, I'll suggest installing it on their HD and overwriting Win permanently, as I did – and I never looked back – except in disgust at myself for not doing it fully earlier…but I wasn't doing much IT then, just music, amps and motorbikes…