Addendum to Test Tone Using FLS – Synthmaker

Addendum to Test Tone Using FLS – Synthmaker
I’ve been struggling to find the right components to alter frequency in Synthmaker, as a better way to generate an audio Test Tone using FLS, than the previous example I gave in the other Post.
No doubt there are better ways, but for now, this circuit gives a continuous tone with both volume AND frequency control, with multiple waveform types available – sine, saw, triangle, square and noise – plenty to be getting on with.

This circuit was just modified from the default example circuit that Synthmaker opens for the first time. In the previous example, as the start/stop control cycles round, it gives the “bump” in the signal, and I found a way to smooth that was by adding an ADSR module, and setting the Sustain (particularly), to maximum, and then you get a continuous tone output as the FLS Tape Transport cycles round:

You also have a second volume control that should give finer control over the output amplitude.
The way to alter the frequency, that took me so long to find, was to add a VECTOR control to the sine wave input:

You can play with whatever setting values you like for highest and lowest frequencies the knob controls etc. by pressing the P for Properties buttons on each component:

I chose 300Hz min, as it is about the lowest I can hear through my laptop speakers, and 1kHz max, as this is the standard audio test tone frequency, so I know when the knob is at max, it’s 1kHz. How accurate this is, I won’t know until I test it with my real oscilloscope that will hopefully arrive soon.
I don’t know if there is a frequency monitor in FLS anywhere, which would be a good addition also. Wave Candy shows frequency info, but it is not accurate enough from what I can make out, with min resolution of 32 bands Spectrum colours, and it still only states info in terms of octaves, for where you put the cursor, which is pointless as there are octaves C1-C7 squashed into 20Hz-2kHz:

You can see this by Rclicking, in the Properties/Spectrum window: