Alftek 0.96inch I2C IIC Serial 128×32 Blue OLED Display Module for Arduino

Had problems at first thinking it dead, but turned out they sent me a 128×32 size, not a 128×64 as ordered, and it won’t run the 128×64 sketch if those parameters are not correct.

No backlight with OLEDs either to see any function until it runs a sketch or not!

It does run on 5V without killing it, with SCL to Uno pin A5 and SDA to Uno pin A4.

The first thing is to check it has an I2C address using this scanner code:

In the Serial Monitor:

22:50:30.778 -> I2C Scanner
22:50:30.811 -> Scanning…
22:50:30.811 -> I2C device found at address 0x3C !
22:50:30.844 -> done

Snowflakes + graphics code here: