Atmega 8L Inductance/Capacitance Kit – Good Cheap Chinese LC Tester – If you have the missing bits!

All explained in the vid as I couldn’t find any info on this thing when I thought it was dead on arrival…again with Chinese stuff, ya pays ya £18.00 and ya roll the dice…! A nice kit to build actually; as usual test all the component values before you place them so you have a chance of fault finding it if it doesn’t work – no circuit diagram or documentation and I found nothing on the web – why I did this video!

Power up test it WITHOUT the chips in and test all pins for either 0, 5, 3.5 or 2.6 V at the IC holder pins (most are 0V). If nothing higher than 5V you should be OK to place the chips and put the screen in. Calibrate it via the TP pins to the 3.15V stated turning the tiny pot screw.