Nano Pins, 1602 LCD Pins, DHT11 pins, BMP180 pins, Uno pins

For I2C comms with Wire.h lib, nano pins:
Nano A4 – SDA
Nano A5 – SCL

1602 LCD Pins – note the 220R for Vcc at pin 15 for power and a 5k contrast resistor if no 10k pot available to pin 3 from Gnd:

1hPa = 1 mBar, e.g. 1006.53 mBar
With Nano, 2 sensors, DC PSU, a 2k contrast resistor to gnd gives better res:

Analog pin 4 (SDA) and pin 5 (SCA) also used for TWI communication using Wire library.
Pins 0TX,1RX  if using serial lib…?! aha!