Neo 7/Uno/Nano showing accurate GPS clock LCD location data via pins 8/9
Build a gps time referenced clock


01:18:08.580 -> Lat: 50.244876
01:18:08.580 -> Long: -5.262097
01:18:08.613 -> Alt: 444.55 ?? correct?
01:18:08.613 -> Course: 163.37 ??? who’s course?
01:18:08.646 -> Speed: 0.00
01:18:08.646 -> Date: 18/8/2019
01:18:08.679 -> Time: 0:18:08
01:18:08.679 -> Sats: 8
I’m assuming all the units are Imperial due to US system in feet, so showing my elevation at 444ft, or 135m – way off according to my phone app, which puts me at 84m ASL…? I’m also flying along on a course of 163.37 whatever that means..
My lat/long is correct to my phone/google maps at 50.244956, -5.262146:

Amended to show clock time and no. Sats (SVs – Sats in View) in LCD below

Note extra 4.5V PSU to power LCD to not strain Nano.

Code with Time, Sats, Lat, Long:

Added a height conversion and delays between 2 screen data sets to show Alt in feet and meters as well. Now has 6 data sets in 4 lines of LCD:

Added 3 screen, 5 sec  views, 2 line  sections showing added BST = GMT+1:

Finally…? 7 data sets. Date was a runaround til I realised it had to be under the void printDate() function so order swapped with printTime() to show as required on LCD – vid below. Date, Sats, Time (BST), Lat, Long, Alt ft, Alt m.