Technics SA 5L Repair – First Inspection

Absolutely cute little receiver and amp! Arrived with mains wire cut because…

Spotless inside – looks unused – maybe blew early in life – thinking liquid drop through the lid grill causing the black arc type burns…? Have to check the regulator.

The transformer board has to be desolderd (wire cut for now) away from the mains and link cables, and detached from the same ribbon cable that Technics like so much..

2 identical wires marked before cutting:

Mains wire cut:

Orange power to board cut:

Transformer multipin orientation and 2 x push connectors:

Two of the caps have green rusty legs…

Once removed I cleaned the board of it’s surface carbon baked areas. Before:


May have to desolder the transistors to test them along with the D880 voltage regulator:

that seems to have suffered the shorting arc and caused the two C1685 capacitors to short, tested on the Peak transistor checker and meter in diode mode – emitter to collector shorts etc.

The mains windings are OK with the Peak ESR tester and meter – at 15 ohms or so.

The secondaries are >40 Ohms so seem ok.

All the 5 diodes on the board test ok as well as the 6 capacitors. 100uF at 25V x 4; 10uF x 2.