Technics SU-X911 – “multiple issues”

Ebay Casualty: 

Please note:
The unit powers on and amplifies however there are multiple issues when the unit does so.
When linked to any type of speakers the left speaker connections do not work at all, meaning the only sound that can be heard is out of the right speaker.
When amplifying music, the sound is completely distorted and warped when using any type of media. I have tested this with both cassette and cd player and experienced the same results. Unless repaired, the amplifier cannot be considered working as the sound output is faulty as described.
Stereo phones, but no left speaker channel. Low volume for 0dB right channel for a 40W amp. Driver stage missing?
The SVI 3102B is right before the speakers in the block diagram.
It has +/-34 and -15V but no +15V to it’s pins which is correct from the sux840 SVI3102A pinouts :
Guess it’s backtrace the signals from the SVI3102 pins back through the circuit to see where it’s lost…