Arduino, TinyGPSPlus and Neo 7m GPS module

First, see here for excellent overview:

Just powering this with 3.5V, with no aerial and it’s TX pin to the Uno’s digital TX in pin 1 (Nano pin 0), then uploading a default “new” sketch to the Uno is enough to see serial GPS data in the Serial Monitor (magnify icon top right)

A fixed red LED means no GPS Lock yet: when flashing it has a lock.
NB:  the TX pin flashing on the Uno means it is transmitting the data FROM the GPS module TO the PC.
More examples and library from:
This seems to present a problem in Linux of 4800 or 11500 baud speeds in places in code to watch for, as later examples give garbled text…:
20:35:47.392 -> K<⸮⸮L%⸮⸮⸮⸮.⸮⸮ W⸮
20:35:57.013 -> ⸮Y⸮⸮⸮d⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮, ⸮
Yet again, Linux is fucked by bigCorp – no Wine functioning uCentre – you may as well get this going on Windows:
Get the winX drivers for Arduino from then connect to your module from within that App – which does NOT run in Wine…(really?)